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Due to inclement weather, preventative maintenance scheduled for June 20, 2020 has been CANCELLED and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Public Works Department

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***Public Works Summer Hours***

 Public Works employees will be working earlier hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Their schedule during the summer will be from 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday thru Friday. In order for service requests to be considered within normal working hours, they must be received by 3:30pm Monday thru Friday. The after-hours reconnection fee is $50.00. Office hours at the Municipal Building and all other offices will continue to be from 8:00am to 5:00pm.


A Message from the Public Works Director

 The Town’s Public Works Department is located in the old Ice Plant Building at 324 W. Grubb Street. Public Works is responsible for maintaining the public properties in Town. This includes the parks, streets, sidewalks and public buildings. Public Works is also responsible for the Town’s utilities, which include water, sewer, and electrical service.

Dwan Bell - Public Works Director



Electric Service

The Town of Hertford is a Public Power Town and a member of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA). Hertford provides electrical services to all residential and commercial customers within its corporate limits. Service can be established by visiting the Customer Service Department in the Municipal Building at 114 W. Grubb Street. Questions about establishing service can be answered by calling Customer service at (252) 426-5311.

Lead Lineman - James Hanks



Water & Sewer Service

The Town of Hertford operates its own water treatment plant and sewer treatment plant. Water and sewer service is available to all properties within the Town’s corporate limits and to some areas outside the corporate limits. To establish service please visit our Customer Service Department at 114 W. Grubb Street. Questions about establishing service can be answered by calling Customer service at (252) 426-5311.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator - Chuck Jones



Water Plant Operator - Harry Sanchez



Garbage Collection

The Town of Hertford provides garbage collection to its residents through a contractor, GFL Environmental, formerly known as Waste Industries. Garbage is collected in a 90-gallon roll out container provided by the Town. The collection is once per week on Tuesday if you live west of the railroad tracks or on Wednesday if you live east of the railroad tracks.

The collection is done using an automated garbage truck that uses a hydraulic arm to pick up and dump the garbage can. Because of this automated process it is necessary to position the garbage can with the wheels opposite the street and where the truck can reach the can. Please do not place the can in the street if it interferes with vehicle traffic.

If your collection date falls on certain holidays, garbage collection will be delayed. Please consult this web site for the date of collection or call customer Service at (252) 426-5311.

If the truck missed your garbage can, please call GFL Environmental at (252) 264-2996 and report your address. Leave the can at the pickup location until it is collected.

If your garbage can is damaged please report the damage to GFL Environmental at (252) 264-2996. If it can be repaired GFL Environmental will repair the can but if it cannot be repaired the Town will be notified and the Town will either replace the can or order a new can. If the resident is responsible for damaging the can beyond repair then they may be held responsible for the replacement cost, which is estimated to be $70.00.

Do not place any of the following in the garbage cans:

  • Yard waste
  • Paint or chemicals
  • Pesticides or insecticides
  • Tires
  • Motor oil
  • Florescent Bulbs

The contractor and Town will not pick up any items left by the curb except for yard waste. Please see the Yard Waste section for the rules governing the collection of yard waste.

Waste Industries Office- Elizabeth City  (252) 264-2996


The Town of Hertford provides curbside recycling for all businesses and residences. The Town will provide upon request a 60 gallon blue roll out recycling can. The recyclables are collected once per week on Thursdays. All recyclables can be commingled in the recycling container. The collection company will separate them off site.

Approved recyclables are:

  • Newspaper
  • All office paper
  • Cardboard
  • All color glass
  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans
  • Some plastic containers*

* Only plastic containers where the neck of the container is smaller than the body of the container such as water bottles and soda bottles. Butter tubs and similar containers are not acceptable because their opening is larger than the body of the container. Even though these containers have the recyclable symbol our recycling company does not presently accept their plastic type.

Yard Waste

The Town of Hertford collects yard waste placed at the curb line of the property. The Town is broken up into Zones when it comes to Yard Waste Pickup. Pickup days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. If your yard waste is not collected within a weeks time, please call customer service at (252) 426-5311.

To see what day your street is picked up, please see the Yard Debris Schedule.

Contractors who perform yard work should not place their cuttings at the curb but should take them with them and dispose of them in a proper manner. Contractors who cut or trim trees should take the cuttings with them and dispose of them properly. The Town will not clean up after contractors.

The Town crews will collect normal volumes of yard waste from town properties. The Town reserves the right to charge landowners for volumes of yard waste that exceeds “normal volumes”. The Public Works Director will make the determination of what exceeds the normal volume of yard waste and estimate the charge to remove the excess volume.

The Town chips tree limbs into mulch. They will accept limbs no larger than 4” in diameter nor 4’ in length. When placing yard waste on the curb please separate the material to be chipped from the other yard waste. Do not place any hard objects in with the leaves. The Town uses a vacuum truck to pick up leaves and hard objects mixed within the leaves can damage it. Leaves should be placed separate from other yard waste.


2019 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report